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September  2018

8   When Doing Good is Bad
                      Michael Hoyt

1   What the Bible Says About Death          Greg Bullion

August  2018

25   Who Stole the Cookies?                     Delmar Austin

11  The Church That Prayer Built              Delmar Austin

4  A Better Way                                           Greg Bullion

July  2018

28  Boundaries Around Love                   Delmar Austin

21  These You Should Have Done            Greg Bullion

14  The Value of Life                                   Delmar Austin

7    Forgiven                                                Greg Bullion

June  2018

23  First Claim                  Delmar Austin

16  Now It's Your Turn     Greg Bullion

2  Forgiving the Unforgivable     Daniel Hauck

May  2018

26  Keeping the Sabbath     Delmar Austin

19   The Words of My Mouth     Delmar Austin

12   The God Beyond Images     Delmar Austin

5   Doing Right Honors God     Greg Bullion

April  2018

28   Open a Door     Delmar Austin

14   His Glorious Return     John Lomacang

7    Go Forward                     John Lomacang

March  2018

31    Forgetting Those Things Behind     Delmar Austin

March  2018

31    Forgetting Those Things Behind     Delmar Austin

24    Ten Words - One God     Delmar Austin

10    Asleep at the Wheel     Michael Hoyt

3    Bear One Another's Burdens     Greg Bullion

February  2018

24  Not Quitting Time Yet     Greg Bullion

17  He is Our Peace            Delmar Austin

10  Father Forgive Them    Delmar Austin

January 2018

27  Being Like-Minded    Delmar Austin

20  The Desire of All Nations    Delmar Austin

13   If I Perish, I Perish    Delmar Austin

6   One-Track Mind    Greg Bullion

December 2017

30   The Mystery of His Grace    Delmar Austin

23   Freely We Have Received    Delmar Austin

9   Grow to the Harvest    Greg Bullion

2   A Great Light    Delmar Austin

November 2017

25   Which Soil Are You?  Greg Bullion

18   Our Friend Sleeps   Delmar Austin

11   Called to Freedom    Delmar Austin

4   I Was Disconnected   Daniel Hauck

October 2017

28  Here I Stand - Part 2   Delmar Austin

21  Here I Stand - Part 1   Delmar Austin

14  Soli Deo Gloria and Health   Greg Bullion

7  What Will It Take to Reach the World?   Terri Saelee

September 2017

30  The Ordinary and the Extraordinary  Delmar Austin

23  Pictures of GOD  Delmar Austin

16  God's Workshop  Loretta Johnson

9  Clocked Out to Check In  Gary Collins
2  The Holy Spirit  Greg Bullion

August 2017

26  White for Harvest  Delmar Austin

19  The Reality of the Resurrection  Greg Bullion

12  This Is The Way  Delmar Austin

5  Prison to Kingly   Warren Evens

July 2017

29  The Light Shines in the Darkness   Greg Bullion

22  The Poverty of Jesus              Delmar Austin

15   Reflections on Missions         Greg Bullion

8  Priorities for Living                       Norman Zimmerman

1   Beauty Dies  &  Beauty Lives       Delmar Austin

June 2017

24    A Holy Calling       Delmar Austin

17    Truth and Lies       Delmar Austin

10    The Breakfast of Champions      Ray Daniels

3    The Everlasting Good News     Marcelo Plioplis

May 2017

27    Glory Hallelujah    Delmar Austin

20   Those Three Angels    Rich Carlson

6   A Psalm of the Sabbath    Delmar Austin

April 2017

15  We Have a Law That He Must Die and
     Death Died a Long Time Ago               Delmar Austin

1  Unfinished Education       Delmar Austin

March 2017

25  Things That Killed Jesus       Greg Bullion

18  Standing in the Need of Prayer       Delmar Austin

11  Jesus, the Lawgiver       Delmar Austin

4  ASI Afternoon Program       Shelley Quinn and others

4  Our Reasonable Service    Shelley Quinn

4  ASI Sabbath School Program   Various Contributors

3  ASI Friday Night Program   Shelley Quinn and others

February 2017

25   Who's in Front of You?   Michael Hoyt

18   Everyday Decision   Greg Bullion

11   Sons and Daughters of God   Delmar Austin

4   You Smell Different   J.J. Martinez

January 2017

28   Letting The King of Glory In   Gary Thurber

21   The Gospel in The Sanctuary   Greg Bullion

14   What Can I Do to Make a Difference?   Joyce Pyles

7   Angry White Men  Delmar Austin

December 2016

31 Behold, I Make All Things New  Delmar Austin

24 God Had a Plan - Do You?  Greg Bullion

17 The Messiah Who Never Came  Delmar Austin

3 A Christmas Illusion  J.J. Martinez

November 2016

26 All It's Fullness  Delmar Austin

19 Revival of Truth  Delmar Austin

19 Give Your Best to God  Greg Bullion

16 Creation Values  Delmar Austin

12 Children of Light  Delmar Austin

12 Maker of Heaven and Earth  Delmar Austin

9  Time and Infinity  Delmar Austin

5  Surviving and Thriving in Troubled Times  Tim Roosenberg

October 2016

29  Forgiven and Renewed  Tim Roosenberg

22  Message  Delmar Austin, J.J. Martinez, Marcia Austin, Greg Bullion

15  When Life is Just Not Fair  Ron Carlson

8  Living the Promise  Deneil Clarke

1  Overcome by Your Testimony  Greg Bullion

September 2016

17  Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory  Greg Bullion

10  Worthy of Worship  Greg Bullion

August 2016

27  A Detour to the Path  J.J. Martinez

20  Your World Upside-Down  Greg Bullion

6   Being Perfect  Delmar Austin

July 2016

30   Sacred Claims  Delmar Austin

23   An Old-Fashioned Love Song  Delmar Austin

16   Food for Thought  Mark Anthony

9    A Beloved Son  Delmar Austin

2    In Remembrance of Me  Greg Bullion

June 2016

25   Running With Endurance  Delmar Austin

18   What Is The Mission And What Will It Cost  Joyce Pyles

11  The Golden Rule Greg Bullion 

4   Who Will Stand  Efoui Abotsi

May 2016

28  Home Remedy for Poison Ingestion  Greg Bullion

21  A Second Touch  Delmar Austin

14  Organ Donors  Greg Bullion

7  Unleashing Your Potential  Timothy Floyd

April 2016

30  Prayers of Desperation  Delmar Austin

16  Creation and Salvation  Greg Bullion

9  How to Make Jesus Marvel  Greg Bullion

2  On the Way to Hope (Parts 1 and 2)   Delmar Austin

March 2016

19  Where Christ is All and In All   Delmar Austin

12  The Call of God   Delmar Austin

5   Jesus Deals With a Mess   Virgil Covel

February 2016

27  Lost and Found   Delmar Austin

20  You Are Not Your Own, Pass it Along   Greg Bullion

13  Getting Back to Eden   Delmar Austin

6  Eating With Sinners   Delmar Austin

January 2016

30  I've Heard This One Already   Greg Bullion

23  Do You Want to be Made Well?   Delmar Austin

16  God's Expectations   Greg Bullion

9  Money Talks   Delmar Austin

December 2015

26  The Birth of a Dangerous Child  Delmar Austin

19  2015 = Best Christmas Ever  Greg Bullion

5   Time for Another Star   Delmar Austin

November 2015

28   Give Thanks   Greg Bullion

21   Holy, Holy, Holy   Delmar Austin

14   God Will Come Through For You   Greg Bullion

7   Red & Yellow, Black & White -and- Coexist Already!   Delmar Austin

October 2015

31   Better Righteousness   Delmar Austin

24   Narrow-Minded   Greg Bullion

17   The Unacceptable Sacrifice   Delmar Austin

10   Clear Focus in a Blurry World   DeeAnn Bragaw

3   Look and Believe (1,2)   Delmar Austin

September 2015

26   144,000 - part 3   Reuben Roundtree

26   144,000 - part 2   Reuben Roundtree

25   144,000 - part 1   Reuben Roundtree

19  A Mission Church   Delmar Austin

12  I Know Now   Efoui Abotsi

5    What Drives You?   Edgar Sanchez

August 2015

29  We May Not Know What the Future Holds...But We Can Trust Who Holds the Future    
Dwayne Chism

22  Concrete to Gold     Tom Swain

15  A Changed Life     Evelyn Mosley

8   Do You Still Want to Be a Christian?     Cedric Belcher

1   Preparing the Walls     Karen Philips

July 2015

18   What Now?     Brien Wahlen

11   Orphan/Queen     Warren Evens

4     Declaration of Dependence     Michael Hoyt

June 2015

27   God Wins     Jerry Connell

20   God's Call to Men     Jerry Connell

13   Communion:  You, Me and Jesus     Jerry Connell

May 2015

30   The God That Won't Let Go     Edgar Sanchez

23   Kingdom Come     Brien Wahlen

16   A Time of Transitions     Jerry Connell

2   A Miracle in the Making     Jerry Connell

Cross Examined Part 12- The Body    Brien Wahlen

April 2015

30  Cross Examined Part 11- The Bridegroom    Brien Wahlen

28  Cross Examined Part 10- The Message    Brien Wahlen

27  Cross Examined Part 9- The New Beginning    Brien Wahlen

24  Cross Examined Part 8- The Sacrifice    Brien Wahlen

23  Cross Examined Part 7- The Healer    Brien Wahlen

21  Cross Examined Part 6- The Great Giver    Brien Wahlen

20  Cross Examined Part 5- The Spirit    Brien Wahlen

18  The Truth That Sets Us Free    Jerry Connell

17  Cross Examined Part 4- The Savior    Brien Wahlen

16  Cross Examined Part 3- The King    Brien Wahlen

14  Cross Examined Part 2- The Communicator    Brien Wahlen

13  Cross Examined Part 1- The Maker    Brien Wahlen

11  From Darkness to LIght    Jerry Connell

4  Celebrating The Passionately Pursuing God   Jerry Connell

March 2015

28  Ministry on the Other Side  Jerry Connell

21  A Life That Matters  Mic Thurber

14  Jesus is The One  Michael Hoyt

7   Redeemed - How He Loves to Proclaim It  Dana Connell

February 2015

28  People Need The Lord  Jerry Connell

21  The Miracle of the Second Mile  Jerry Connell

14  Creating a Fulfilling Marriage  The Connells

January 2015

31  The Great Omission  Justin C. Lyons

24  Asymmetric Communication  Virgil Covel

24   How to Pray for an Hour and Love It  Virgil Covel

23   The Way to Powerful Prayer  Virgil Covel

17   Wasn't That Delightful - Making Sabbath a Delight  Jerry Connell

10   God's Call    Linda Wysong Becker

3   Homily   Brien Wahlen

December 2014

27   Growing Your Faith in 2015   Jerry Connell

20   The Original Mary's Christmas - Joseph's Dilemma   Jerry Connell

6     The Original Mary's Christmas   Jerry Connell

November 2014

29  People of the East   Doug Hart

22  Reclaiming the Voice of Praise   Brien Wahlen

15   Cultural Shift - Cultural Drift   Jerry Connell

8     A Relentless Love   Lawrence Francis

1     The Hard Task of Saying Goodbye   Jerry Connell

October 2014

25   No Other Gospel   Ron Carlson

18   Shofar So Good    Brien Wahlen

11  The Centrality of the Cross    Jerry Connell

4    A Generation Challenged    Jim Hoehn

September 2014

27   Taking the Church out of the Church    Jerry Connell

13   The Storms of LIfe    Jerry Connell

6      Time to Go Home    Jim Ayer

6      Going and Glowing for Jesus    Jim Ayer

5      How Big is Your God?    Jim Ayer

August 2014

30  Walking by Faith - Part 2   Jerry Connell

23  Walking by Faith   Jerry Connell

16  Fill My Cup   Michael Hoyt

9   Have Mercy!   Brien Wahlen

2   The Tabletop Test   Brien Wahlen

July 2014

26   Good Salt   Brien Wahlen

19  The Words and Life of Jesus   Jerry Connell

5    The Joy of Freedom   Jerry Connell

June 2014

28  Sermonette   Brien Wahlen

14  Known   Brien Wahlen

May 2014

31  Tares, Thistles and Thorns   Edgar Sanchez

24  The High Cost of Living   Brien Wahlen

17  A Recipe for Success   Jerry Connell

10  A Mother Makes the Difference  Jerry Connell

April 2014

19  Given for You    Jerry Connell

12  Some Things Never Change    Jerry Connell

5    State of the Church    Dan Jackson

5    Fulfilling the Missional Dream, Part 2     Dan Jackson

4    Fulfilling the Missional Dream, Part 1     Dan Jackson

March 2014

22    Rediscovering Jesus Christ:  Servant Savior     Brien Wahlen

1      Rediscovering Jesus Christ:  A Love Fulfilled     Brien Wahlen

February 2014

22  If My People     Jerry Connell

15  Purpose-Driven Love     Jerry Connell

8    Rediscovering Jesus Christ:  Turning the Tables     Brien Wahlen

1    If     Jerry Connell

January 2014

25  Rediscovering Jesus Christ:  Who Do You Say I Am?  Brien Wahlen

18  Why I Look Forward to Heaven   Jerry Connell

11  The Devil's New Year Resolution   Michael Hoyt

4     Homily   Brien Wahlen

December 2013

28  Recalibrate   Brien Wahlen

21  What God Wants for Christmas   Jerry Connell

7    A Fresh Look at the Birth Narrative   Jerry Connell

November 2013

30   Testimony of Jesus   Brien Wahlen

23   Sufficiency of Christ   Jerry Connell

16   Prodigal God  Brien Wahlen

9     Answering the Call   Jerry Connell

2     Keeping Your Spiritual Edge Sharp   Jerry Connell

October 2013

26  Real Prayer   Brien Wahlen

19  This Same Jesus...   Bob Fetrick

12  The  Most Costly Meal in History   Jerry Connell

 5   The Greatest Private Conversation on Earth   Jimmy Hansen

September 2013

28  Are Prophets Perfect?   Ed Allen

21  The Case of Priority  Jerry Connell

14  Habits of Highly Effective Families  Jerry Connell

7    Living the Power of the Resurrection  Brien Wahlen

August 2013

31  New Beginnings  Leasa Hodges

24  Daring to Dream  Jerry Connell

17  Lessons From the Life of Joseph:  The Lesson of Legacy   Jerry Connell

10  Lessons From the Life of Joseph:  Leadership in a Time of Crisis  Jerry Connell

3    Finding Good News in the Book of Revelation - Good News Part Three:  Grace in the Alpha and Omega              Brien Wahlen

July 2013

27  Finding Good News in the Book of Revelation - Good News Part Two:  Standing in the Judgment                        Brien Wahlen 

20  Finding Good News in the Book of Revelation - Good News Part One:  Pulling Back the Veil                                  Brien Wahlen

13  Washing the Feet of Our Community   Brien Wahlen

6    The 4th of July and Our Commitment to Christ   Jerry Connell

June 2013

22   A Picture of a Father   Jerry Connell

15   A Be Attitude for Living   Jerry Connell

8     Restored   Brien Wahlen

May 2013

25     Lessons From the Life of Joseph:  A Lesson on Forgiveness  Jerry Connell

18     Moving One Step Closer to Your Purpose  Dwayn Chism

11     Mothers  Jerry Connell

4      Get Out of the Boat  Patrick Quigley

April 2013

27   Pastor Jerry 's Top 10  Jerry Connell

20   Giving in Postmodern Culture  John Matthews

6     Lessons From the Life of Joseph:  Life's Lessons in Difficult Times  Jerry Connell

March 2013

30   A Communion Meditation of Gratitude  Jerry Connell

23   The Importance of Origins  Ben Clausen

16   Love is Spelled with an F  Edgar Sanchez

2     The Big Question  Jerry Connell

February 2013

23   Lessons From the Life of Joseph:  Turning Trials Into Trust  Jerry Connell

16   Lessons From the Life of Joseph:  On Being God's Valentine   Jerry Connell

9     The Wait   Thomas Toews

2     Lessons From the Life of Joseph:  Desperate Housewives in Egypt   Jerry Connell

January 2013

26    Lessons From the Life of Joseph:  A Passion for Purity - Part 3   Jerry Connell

19    Lessons From the Life of Joseph:  A Passion for Purity - Part 2   Jerry Connell

12    Lessons From the Life of Joseph:  A Passion for Purity - Part 1   Jerry Connell

5      2013:  A Time of New Beginnings   Jerry Connell

December 2012

29   Communion:  A Celebration of Belonging   Jerry Connell

22   Christmas Through the Eyes of Matthew:  The Discovery of the Wise   Jerry Connell

8     Christmas Through the Eyes of Jesus:  There is Something About That Name   Jerry Connell

1     Christmas Through the Eyes of Matthew:  A Genealogy of Hope    Jerry Connell

November 2012

24   Thanksgiving: Tradition, Myth, Reality and Paul    Ben Holdsworth

17   Where Angels Trod    Michael Hoyt

10   Lessons From the Life of Joseph: Excuse Me, But Your God is Showing    Jerry Connell
   Lessons From the Life of Joseph: When Life Goes Horribly Wrong    Jerry Connell

October 2012

Tempted...but Saved   
Stuart Wolzon

20   Lessons From the Life of Joseph: The Consequence of Favoritism   
Jerry Connell

13   I Believe, Therefore I Believe   Jerry Connell 

6     Lessons From the Life of Joseph:  It's All About Choices    Jerry Connell

September 2012

29   Communion:  A Celebration of Both Past and Future   
Jerry Connell

22   The Parable of the Good Samaritan    Jerry Connell

8     The Master's Plan    Travis Sager

1     Living Life on Purpose     Jerry Connell 

August 2012

25    A Parable of the Love of God     Jerry Connell 

18    Running the Race Set Before Us    Jerry Connell 

11    Giving It All We've Got    Jerry Connell 

4     We Have This Hope    Jonathan Queen 


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